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SUPCONF ATL/Fall 2017 is November 6-7 at Atlanta Tech Village.

About SUPCONF ATL/Fall 2017


We are using wristbands as a way to signal that you’re open for a chat, as well as make it safe to say “I’m busy” or “I need a few moments to myself.”

We’d like to give you the control to turn “on” or “off” from conversations – as you see fit or feel ready. This is sort of like muting the world away in Slack, and taking a few moments to be heads down. By giving you more control over social interactions, we hope you’ll be more comfortable connecting to other folks during the event.

These wristbands have two sides. You can turn your wristband to yellow for “let’s chat!” When you need a break, you can turn it to black for “I need a few moments to myself, please.”

You can pick up a wristband when you first arrive at the event, and read more about this idea here.


November 6 - SUPCONF Day 1

November 7 - SUPCONF Day 2

Some Of The Companies Attending




Level Up

Venue & Hotel

Atlanta Tech Village
3423 Piedmont Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30305

There are a number of hotels around the Tech Village's location, all within close walking distance. We don't have a single block hotel setup.


Things to know at SUPCONF

How do I get from the airport to the venue?

Detailed version
tl;dr version - Take the subway

Do you like to take pictures?

We ❤️ pictures too! Share your pictures on Instagram with the #SUPCONF tag.

I’m leaving for the airport right after SUPCONF ends, can I bring my luggage?

Yup! We’ll set aside space for you to store your luggage. You should keep your valuables near you though as we will not dedicate anyone to babysit your luggage.

I, um, forgot to pack something

There is a Kroger (grocery store + pharmacy) across the street from the venue. You are within 10 minutes' walk of two major high-end shopping malls: Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza

Things to do in Atlanta

What are some things to do and eat near the venue?

  • Food-wise there is everything from fast food to ultra-fancy-$$$ within 10 minutes' walk.
  • Lenox Square Mall has an Apple Store AND a Microsoft Store AND LEGOLand

Pop into #zlocal-atlanta and ask them about their favorite bars and restaurants.

I want to do stuff Monday and Tuesday after the conference

YAY! We want you to come hang out with us!

MARTA Guide is an UNOFFICIAL (aka "not run by real MARTA agency") guide to what you can do around the Metro area that's accessible via mass transit

What is the "Perimeter"?

That's the local name for Interstate 285 which circles the city. It's also the name of one of the few malls that can be reached by subway without a bus transfer.