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This is the main channel in the Support Driven. Most of our general conversation happens here. Topics range from serious questions about how to handle challenges with a coworker or tricky customers to asking what software people use for conference calls or finding out what support looks like at other companies.

When someone new joins #chit-chat, it an indication they’re a new member of the Support Driven community. It’s a great time to welcome them or say “hi!” We have a handy Slackbot trigger for the word intro? that will have Slackbot ask them to introduce themselves.

If you want to ask a question of the community, it helps to preface it with the ❓‍ (:question:) slackmojii. That way people can see it’s a new question and it makes it easier for it to get added to #chit-chat-highlights.


Highlights from support related conversations in the #chit-chat channel. This is a great place to start if you’ve been away from Support Driven for a little while. Each highlight has a timestamp at the bottom that’s secretly a link to the conversation in #chit-chat; just click that link and you’ll be instantly transported to the applicable conversation.

One thing to note about #chit-chat-highlights is it’s not a place for conversation. If you see a question posted in here that you want to discuss, hop over to #chit-chat and continue the conversation there.


A place to talk about Support Driven itself; this is the conversation behind the conversation. Hang out here if you have ideas about making our community even better.


This channel is for all the writers out there. Whether you have a personal blog, or just an article you’ve written that you want feedback on #draft is your friend.


Want to know about support events going on out in the world? Check out #events. Any local meetups/events from the #zlocal- channels get reposted here. In addition, if there are company-hosted events, conferences, meetups, etc. this is the place to let the rest of the community know.

If you’re posting an event yourself, make sure you post a link to the event, or give enough information so people interested can participate.


The opposite of #vent, this channel is for when you have good news to share with the group. Perhaps it’s a new job, or maybe you got a positive CSAT review on a ticket. Whatever the good news, share it here so we can celebrate with you.


This is an excellent channel to hang out if you’re looking for a new job or if you know of a company that needs an awesome support professional.


Let people know what you have to offer and what kind of job you're looking for.


Join this channel to be paired each month with someone new in the community to meet. Learn more here.


If you come across a cool article (or even written one yourself), share it with the group. It’s usually best if it’s something that pertains to the group in general


This is a private channel. It was created on the basis of being a literal safe space to share personal struggle, questions, trials, and successes with a link to mental health, along with non-visible illnesses. First rule of Safe Space is "What is said in here, stays in here". No judgement, all supportive, many hugs. DM @doug to be invited.


This is the perfect channel to share a funny gif, video or story.


The opposite of #good-news, this channel is for when you need to vent about something, need a virtual hug, or need affirmation from people who understand what you’re going through.

It’s a good idea for conversations on vents to end on supportive or neutral notes. It’s very easy for negativity to encourage more negativity and it would be kind of terrible if someone feels worse after spending time in #vent.

Keep in mind if you’re complaining about a product or service, there are a bunch of products and services represented here in Support Driven. A good rule of thumb is don’t write anything that would be hurtful to the people you’re talking about if they heard it.


Got a question you'd like to get in front of the community for a while? #chit-chat moving too fast for your liking? Get in touch with @scott about posting the next weekly question and put your question in the spotlight.


The #workgroup- channels are focused on working with each other on particular problems or projects. For example, right now there’s a #workgroup-docs that’s focusing on building out the very documentation you’re reading.

If you see a group you’re interested in helping out with, just join that channel and dive on in!


Let’s talk about food! Hang out with Support Driven foodies and drool over all the amazing food that people make/eat/take photos of/discuss/etc.


Video games, board games, arcade games, mind games, they all have a place in the #xgames channel. Oddly enough, we don’t spend much time talking about the ESPN-sponsored extreme sports events, The X Games in this channel. Perhaps it’s a missed opportunity...


Share your favorite playlists and artists here and join the conversation about the latest bands you need to hear.

#zlocal-[your nearest city here]

You’ll meet some amazing folks online in the Support Driven community, the #zlocal- channels are your opportunity to meet other folks in-person. They might be in your city or in a city that you’re visiting. Here’s a few ways that people have been using local channels:

Get together over food and drink All you need to have a great event is a handful of support folks and some good food and drink. We recommend keeping it small so people will be more likely to talk to each other and enjoy the event.

Visiting a new city When you visit a new city, your trip would be more fun with some help from the locals. Drop into the local channel and get some suggestions on what to do and where to eat. If time permits and the stars align, organize a get together with some locals.

Share events that you’re going to or you think would be interesting to other folks If you find it interesting, there’s a chance that other folks would find it interesting too.

Find at least one other person that wants to be in the channel with you and get in touch with @scott.


Work remotely in customer service, and looking to connect with your fellow remoters? Join this channel to talk remote life, and find out when the next Zoom chat will happen. The times move around to accomodate most timezones!