6 Week Writing Challenge - Fall 2016

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In the Fall of 2016 we held a 6 week writing challenge. For most of us – writing is a part of our everyday world. We respond to customers, we write help articles, and we create support documentation. But we rarely take the chance to write for fun. During the 6 week challenge folks got to share writing on a variety of topics:

Week Topic
Week 1 History: Our History shapes us: What path led you to support?
Week 2 Tools: What tools do you use to manage your tasks and time?
Week 3 Thinking Space: Where do you go or what do you do when you need to think?
Week 4 Support Stack: What mediums does your team do support through?
Week 5 DITL: Tell us about a day in your life
Week 6 Your Space: Share your workspace with us

Each week, we also shared everyone's posts on the Support Driven blog: